Cloud Factory


We have an extensive flavor inventory with new flavor added atleast once a month.

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We have a team of vaping professtionals that will help answer questions or troubleshoot problems even if you didn't buy from us. 


Our hardware ranges from high end mods and tanks down to closed/open pod systems and everything in between

Starter Kits and Pod Systems

We have a wide selection of pod systems and starter kits ranging from $19.99 To $49.99

Mods, Tanks, High End Kits.

We have RBA's, RTA's, low to high end tanks,

We have mods and kits for every need 20W to 350W.

Everything In Between

Already have a setup? We have a great selection of Cotton, Coils, Wire, Bottles, Chargers, Batteries, Cases, Tool kits. Anything to maintain your current or new vape setup.